Professional Profile Shoot / EMCEE PROFILE SHOOT​


This 90 minute shoot is for talent looking to showcase themselves as an emcee to the variety of clients on the platform.

You will be shooting the industry standard polaroids and video casting with additional twist of 2 emcee script videos as a performance which is required for all emcee profiles to be verified.

We suggest you wear a casual and a formal look to represent 2 varieties of emcee character, or to suit your experience and own style.

You can provide your own script, if you need the team can provide the samples.

You will get up to 25 images, a standard 60 second video casting, your two emcee performance videos.

You will be guided by the team to bring out the best performance possible.


90 Minutes Directed with 2 Scripts

Malaysia - Petaling Jaya

50 USD

Malaysia - Penang

50 USD

Malaysia - Kuching

50 USD



One look - White Tee and Jeans

4 - 5 looks - Casual, Formal, Sports, Swim or Cultural

1 Hour Directed - 2 Dance Tracks

2 Hour Directed - 2 Songs of Choice

90 Minutes Directed with 2 Scripts